Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carnival - 22 de febrero 2012

I can imagine Mom sending an email to President Montalti asking why
she didn´t hear from me on Monday like she did the day I arrived to
Guayaquil and didn´t receive a phone call from me at the airport.
Well, the answer to all this is that Monday and Tuesday all the
businesses in Guayaquil were closed because all the people were
celebrating a holiday called Carnival. It is basically a holiday that
allows people to take time off work to enjoy themselves in water
games. Many flock to the beach. I got hit in the back with a water
bomb or water balloon after two girls chased us down the street with
it. They cornered me, I turned around with all hopes that they would
have pity on me, or maybe that an angel would come down from the sky
and warn them not to touch a servant of God. But none of those things
happened. They threw it right in my lower back. I was not a very happy
camper for the rest of the day with a wet shirt and skirt. Haha. It
was all fun though.

To update you on the missionary work, Israel´s baptism is back on for
this weekend. We are pretty sure it is going to go through because he
trusts us now and hasn´t broken the Word of Wisdom. Yay! Also, Juana
Lucas Ramirez will be getting baptized. She is sixty six years old.
She has such a love for the Book of Mormon. We are excited to have two
people this weekend because our zone has suffered great losses. Many
baptismal dates have fallen because Satan has worked especially hard
to dissuade the investigators. That has taught me that I need to have
daily contact with my investigators so they are consistently feeling
the Spirit and are encourgaged to perservere until their baptism. Pray
that all goes well this weekend.

To answer your questions from last weeks emails, Hna. Reyes and I are
in the same sector, in the same apartment. What it means to not be
transferred is that we didn´t move at all.

Mom, I have not received the box yet. The one with the probiotics. Not
yet. I think it will come in the next week. No worries yet. But I
would check on the one with the sheets. That worries me.

Dad, I will take the money out that you told me to. I also need to
take out fifty dollars to have an emergency fund. They encourage us to
have one here. I will take the money out a little at a time. Ten
dollars here, ten dollars there, until I have built up my fund. That
way it isn´t a huge chunk out at one time. You have to work up these
things. It is like saving money in an account, right?

Nate, expect a letter in the mail in about ten days. I wrote you in
response to your email. I love you.

Well, I only have fifteen minutes to write today. They wanted us to
write only to advise you that we are all okay.

Love you all. Take care. Church is true.

Hermana Melanie Forbush

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