Sunday, March 18, 2012

06 de enero de 2012 - First day of second transfer

Mom! Dad! Kelly! John! Familia y friends!

How are you all doing this fine Monday afternoon? (Mom, I am worried
because I did not receive a letter from you last week, which is
understandable from the major that weekend, but I didn´t receive one
from you this weekend either. Is everything okay?) I hope everything
is well in St. Louis, Missouri and now Colorado Springs, CO (with
Nathan´s new home). Our family is finally spreading across the North
American continent! Yay. Expect that I will visit your home when I
return since you are only a few hours from Provo, Utah. Haha. Have you
fallen in love with the mountains like Dad and I have? The west is
really something special and I cannot wait to return to school there.

Today is transfers (is it hard to believe that I have already
completed my first transfer in the mission) but I stayed in the same
sector with Hna. Reyes from Honduras. I was grateful that I didn´t
have to pack my bags at 5:30 AM. Hna. Reyes had her heart set on
leaving this sector this transfer because she has been here for six
months (she started here for her first sector, went away for two other
transfers, and then returned here for the last three transfers. She
has ten months in the mission in total). However, she is here with me
for another transfer. We talked for a long time last night about some
familial troubles she has been having, and we grew a whole lot closer
as a companionship. She admitted she never told any other companion
these things so that made me feel really special, as if I shared
something with her that no other companion had. Now I feel we can
start this transfer with a clean slate and a stronger bond.

With transfers, however, Hna. Meono and Hna. Needham were transferred.
I do not know where, but they packed there bags. Now there is only two
of us once more in the apartment. I must admit that I learned a lot
from Hna. Needham. There is a mother named Teresa in our sector. Her
son, Jonathan, is a recent convert that we have been teaching.
However, when Hna. Needham arrived, she committed Teresa to marry her
husband Mario so they can follow the Law of Chastity. After they get
married, they can get baptized. However, because Hna. Needham and Hna.
Meono were transferred, we will once more teach them. To sum things
up, Hna. Needham made all the difference to commit Teresa to marriage
and baptism that we could not do. The Lord really does put his
servants in the places where he needs them the most. I am learning
that we each have spiritual gifts that we must use on the mission.
Hna. Needham made all the difference in this woman´s life. They come
to Church every Sunday where they didn´t before. Thus I can say she
was a real example in my life.

We had a baptism this last weekend. Remember Katarine, the daughter of
Teresa? Yup, she was finally baptized, but she did not count as one of
our baptisms, even though we taught her all the lessons. She counted
as a baptism of the ward since her mom is a member. We couldn´t do
much to organize the baptism to make it really special, but we found a
beautiful white gown for her to wear on her very special day. The
family doesn´t have much, so it was the least we could do. I will send
photos next week because I only have three minutes left.

One other thing, we found a less active member named Merardo Moreyra
in our sector. He gave us a reference to teach his two sisters. The
really cool thing about it is he owns a panaderia or bakery so we get
free food. I need to watch what I eat because I have gained a little
wait with all the rice and bread that is offered to us. It is so

Well, I must go. I love you all.

Hna. Forbush

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