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05 de marzo 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Whoa! Has today been crazy and unexpected. Many things have occurred, but I will not go into all the details with the limited time I have. It is better to focus on all the really good details such as the baptisms that are coming up and the success we are having in our sector.

To begin, the family that we really wanted to get baptized, Mario and Teresa, did not end up getting baptized as originally planned last weekend. There was just too many things that needed to happen for them to get baptized. They needed to raise the money to purchase a government paper, get married at the civil registry, and a few other things. Of course all of this requires money, money, money. What else does this world revolve around? My sixth grade science teacher once told me bugs are what make this world turn, but that is a different story all together. Anyway, my companion Hermana Reyes and I organized a sale where the ward would contribute ingredients to make plates of rice, menestra, and meat, with a side of patacones. We were planning on selling it last Thursday, the couple would get married on Friday, and the baptism would be on Saturday. Unfortunately, however, the father´s birthday was on Saturday and he wanted to go drink alcohol with his buddies. Thus he avoided us all week long. Then, the sale of food didn´t happen, the wedding was postponed, and they didn´t get baptized on Satuday.

However, yesterday, we met with the family once more to see where they were at. The father, Mario, was very repentent. He knew what he did was wrong and that hiding from the sister missionaries was not a good solution because he only felt more guilty. This led him to choose to spend his birthday with his family and not drinking with his buddies. So he didn´t break the Word of Wisdom after all! I was so happy to hear that.

Now, the sale of food is going down tomorrow. The mom, Teresa, will make the food in her house, we as missionaries have a list of 54 consumers at two dollars a plate, and plan to distribute the food tomorrow evening. The sale of food is still going to happen. Yay! Their new baptismal date is March 17. I cannot wait to see the family become members as a whole. Then, a year from now, they can get sealed in the temple. This is their ultimate goal. It is so beautiful. Is it not?

We are also teacing two sisters ages eighteen and nineteen, Eunice and Lisset respectively. They have baptismal dates for March 25. What is so awesome is that they are neighbors to a recent convert, Christian Layedra. He is 23 and planning to serve a mission after his year is up as a member in the church. You have to be a member of the church for a year to become a missionary, to enter the temple, etc. However, transfers are March 20. Coming up! I hope that they will stay on the straight and narrow and get baptized even after we are transfered, if I am transferred. It is more likely that Hna. Reyes will get transferred because she has been here for six months in this very sector. I only have two transfers here.

Well, that is all for now. I love you very much! Please take care of that foot, Stephanie. Do not push yourself to fast to heal with three little monsters running around. Nathan, how did you celebrate your birthday? Write me and tell me all about it.

Lubka, please tell me what you plan to do! I heard the news from my Dad. I pray for you so much. More than you know.

As my friend, Cicely Chipman, who I got a letter from this week, always says, what can I pray for you?

The Church is true and it is going forth in Ecuador so fast. South America is God´s sacred treasure and I love the people here. Especially my companion.

Take care,


Melanie Forbush

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