Sunday, March 18, 2012

16 January 2012

Hi Familia! Love ones and friends!

Another week gone by. The 12 January marked my one month in the field.
Can you believe it!

Temperature and humidity are getting easier to adjust to here every
day. It has started raining torrentiously, especially right at eight
every evening. Weird. Still too hot to wear my coat, but I use my
umbrella a lot.

Teresa did get baptized last weekend on the seventh. Yay! However, she
is now having trouble coming to church because her boss makes her
prepare the food every morning. If she cannot come, her daughter
Katarine cannot get baptized next week. She is nine years old. And she
wants to get baptized soooo bad. Please fast and pray that Teresa can
have the faith to keep the sabbath day holy.

We are also teaching Lorenzo Vince and Andy Litardo who have baptismal
dates for January 28. We continue to work with Cristina Carrascal, a
bright 17 year old girl. I hope she can get baptized before I leave
this transfer which is in about three weeks.

I received a letter from Lubka, as you might have guessed. Please let
her know that I say thank you and will write her back. I love and miss
her. She is one of my dearest friends. Dad, keep me posted and keep in
touch with her.

I wish luck to Nathan this week as he moves to Colorado, if he is
moving this week. I wasn´t quite sure. I have to read the long email
he sent me. Thank you, Nathan. And thank you, Stephanie, for the
email. Megan, where are you?

Yay, Dad, you get to work from home for Time Warner Cable. That is
great. Your dream job to work in your pajamas. Haha. Love you. Thank
you for all your hard work to support me. You are part of the reason I
am here and keep perservering every day.

I have not received the sheets yet. I received a package I sent to
myself from the MTC last week. We receive mail tomorrow from the zone
leaders in our district meeting. I hope the package comes tomorrow.

Mom, Steph, I join you in reading the BOM before Easter. I am in
Mosiah 13. Where are you at? Of course, I am trying to read it in
Spanish. I have a hard time understanding every thing though.

Mom, please keep the DVD movie you made for Gram and Grandpa´s
anniversary. I don´t have time to watch it here, even though I have a
DVD player, but I will love to see it when I get home. Keep a list of
things I need to do when I get home. Such as new released movies. That
will be a huge thing when I come home. And TEAM and LIFE books.

I bear you my witness that this Church is true and that Joseph Smith
restored the fullness of it in this dispensation. Jesus Christ is at
the head of this Church. It is through him, the modern prophet, and
apostles that it is lead.

I love you, all. Thank you for your continued support. Have a great week.

Love with all my heart,

Melanie Forbush

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